Festival Program 2023!


Dear all,

Behind us is a festival year filled with some of the most beautiful moments, experiences, magical concerts and jubilee festival editions.

In a period when many gave up, we were persistent and with great care for our participants we managed to organize 11 International Folklore Festivals in Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Spain, Serbia, Montenegro, Turkey, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Over 12,000 participants, 150 groups from 15 different countries around the world were part of our folklore story this year.

We danced at magical sunsets, we woke up and fell asleep with songs and dances, we had over 20 wonderful concerts with a professional organization, 5,000 minutes of the best musical performances and a million smiles and satisfied faces.

The Jubilee Festival Edition of Hanioti Festival, on the occasion of 20 years since the first organized festival there, is something that marked this year which we will remember for a long time. Spectacular 2 concerts in the central amphitheater of Hanioti reminded us of all the unforgettable concerts we had in this place over the years. It was a special honor for us that all our collaborators were part of this festival and together we celebrated the long existence of one of the most popular events in the folklore world.

Now, it's time for new adventures! Let's travel,dance and enjoy the beauty of the world together. The NEW Festival Program for 2023 is READY. Book your place now.

We are looking forward to welcome you at our festivals and offer you the best experience you will ever have.

Kind Regards,

Dejan Brzanov (Director of FFA) and Dragan Pantelic (Art Director of FFA)