New Festival Dates for 2021!


Dear all,

The year 2020 prepared an unpleasant surprise for us. But let's think positive. We had more free time to spend with our family and the most important is that we all had enough time to think about what we had in our lives and how much we miss it in these moments.

And what we missed the most? For sure it was the traveling, visiting new destinations around the world and meeting new friends from different cultures.

As the Better Days are approaching, it's time to make new positive decisions!

On our great pleasure, we want to inform you that we announced the NEW Festival Program For 2021. All information you can find at the festival page.

We invite you to join our festivals with your group, friends and family and all together to learn new dances and to have unforgettable summer experience on the most beautiful festival destinations.

As you already know Folklore Festival Association is responsible organization, and therefore we will take all precautionary measures to ensure children safety and health on first place.

Let’s bring nation to nation, let’s keep the bridges of the humanity, friendship and tradition, because at the end smile will win, as always did.

We are looking forward to welcome you at our festivals, because we work 366 days in 2020 for the best experience you will have at FFA Festivals.

Kind Regards,

Dejan Brzanov (Director of FFA) and Dragan Pantelic (Art Director of FFA)