Folklore Festival
Folklore Festival

Folklore Festival Association

About us:

Since 2003, Folklore Festival Association (FFA) main propose is safeguarding, promotion and presentation of tradition and culture.

Folklore Festival Association achieve its aim through organizing traditional folk dance and music festivals, choirs and orchestra events, modern dance festivals and various workshops and seminars.

Our passion for folklore and tradition make our festivals as a mobile museum of the the most precious and most beautiful folklore heritage of the world. It has been representing history and identity of different persons and cultures. Aside from nursing rich folklore previously, this organization has successfully presented colorful outfits, dances and songs that reassembled the genuine world folklore culture’s emblem.

In the previous 10 years of existence there were over 50, 000 performers coming from various countries and continents who took part on festivals held by FFA in the following countries: Spain, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Czech R., Slovakia …

Our Mission:

Folklore Festival Association has a very noble cultural mission which is keeping and developing national cultures. It constantly cooperates with various folk groups and festivals across the world; and, International Dance Council (CID) member serving as an official umbrella organization. We are working together with very prominent associations, companies, individuals, federations, and schools in over 150 countries, on distinct dance forms from different countries that are acknowledged by UNESCO.

Educational Role:

During the festivals, FFA is holding various events, workshops and games that bring to participants firsthand and instantaneous chance to share their unique multicultural experiences.

Through the years we develop e-learning program “e-Folk”; our aim is to engage communities in the learning process and to share information in a collaborative environment by using blogs, micro blogs and social media tools.

We are also proud to establish education through outdoor playground sport activities named “Folkiada”. Playing outdoors with others enables children to develop and increase their social skills and that will give them the opportunity to improve relationships with their peers.

FFA also provides trips and excursion to popular cultural, historical, and recreational sites near the festival location. Excursions are led by qualified and licensed local guides.

Our Vision:

Folklore Festival Association has prepared for many different festivals this year, and there are many upcoming festivals that people can expect. They will be held in different countries that will showcase unique cultures and histories but are united in ways of enjoying the events. In fact, we are honored to present the new festival in our family, festival in Thasos, Greece. We are working hard to provide festivals for next year in: France, Slovakia, Germany etc.

All of the festivals organized by FFA have been obliged, committed and dedicated to encourage enhancement of music, culture, folk dance, song, stimulation of culture exchange internationally and forming viable forums for the aspiring folk artists to showcase their artistry, inspiration and talent.

Through FFA, people from various parts of the world will be united in heart and in action by conducting their own culture and sharing the fun and enjoyment with other cultures.

This organization serves as a bridge from one nation to another, from one man to another.

Everyone is welcome to take part in this network and we are always glad to give help to a ensembles in looking for a festival.